Senin, 09 September 2013

Training of Trainers for Women Entrepreneurs SMEs

Indonesian data shows, the amount of labor absorbed by SMEs amounted 107.6 million or 97.6% of total employment in Indonesia with 56.5 million units. Percentage of women business owners from 56.5 million is about 22% with 30,000 women entrepreneurs. But the percentage of women running their own business tend to decline. The crucial problem is in lack of low education, business knowledge and capital access.

One solution that can be developed is the provision of financial management simple effort on women entrepreneurs and helping access to capital. This is done as a first step to improve the managerial business. One of the efforts made ​​by author and the Students of Islamic Economics FoSSEI in west java Indonesia with the cooperation of the various stake holders.

Everywhere in developing economic countries more women to become a housewife when her husband's income under welfare. The number of women in Indonesia reached 118, 1 million is the potential of women entrepreneurs also empower other women. Women entrepreneurs dont like employe.

women entrepreneurs are not like an employee, She can work at home with free time, to perform its role as a housewife and have income.

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